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Tuesday, August 01, 2006
from the management
Hi Sweetie, Mummy here. I have been updating your blog less and less often. It just stopped feeling right. You have your own voice and your own opinions, and don't need anyone to say things for you. You are now 3 years and 4 months. You can hold your end of a conversation, even on a phone. On our last car trip we talked for about half an hour about the things we like. And don't like. You can spread your own butter and vegemite. Bake a mean cake. And know exactly what you want to eat. You have recently designed your first patchwork: you asked for and chose the fabrics and asked me to help you make a top out of them. We took one of your tops, you put the fabrics down and I stitched around them. They worked out very well. So now you have a purple top, just like Jeff from Wiggles, and a tickled-pink mummy. You are getting a kiddie sowing machine for your fourth birthday, munchkin. You will probably ignore it with a superior snif, but I couldn't resist it when I saw it for $18 today. It sits on top of the wardrobe now, waiting. You go to the toilet like a pro and all your accidents are small ones (thank goodness). Well, let's not go into that. You are now letting me disappear for a evening, although I can see that it bothers you. But thank you for the outings, sweetheart. I am learning to draw and you have asked me to draw you during one of my classes. They are not quite this kind of classes, but I did a few drawings of you in my sketchbook, so that you can see yourself. You have suddenly became much taller and your shoulders now stick above the kitchen counter. Sorry for telling you that you can't hit your head now. You bent over and gave yourself a big whack on the way up. Ahem. I didn't put your inventiveness into the equation. You have adopted Dziadzio's Garfield in place of your own kittie, who was irretrievably lost in the Science Centre. He was supposed to come for a visit only, but he clearly filled a big gaping hole, and you found it too hard to give him back. Fortunately, we did a little Christmas in July celebration and you seized the opportunity to assign him to yourself as a prezzie. We were very impressed with your style. Anyway, sweetie, it just doesn't seem right to write in your name any more. So this is the end of this blog as we know it. I wonder how long it'll take you to start one on your own behalf. In the meantime, you have three jobs: 1. be healthy 2. listen to Mummy-Daddy 3. and have fun. Mummy
Monday, July 17, 2006
Went to Hamilton Island with parents. Was cold. Especially in the pool. Attempted it to the knee and had to give up. The bubbly pool was warmer, but when it rained I got freezing cold anyway. Beach is 'GUSTING. I hate things living in my sand. Like crabs and stuff. Had a good enough time and am looking forward to going back at Christmas. Catherine
Friday, June 30, 2006
It turns out that it wasn't the full roll of toilet paper that I used to wipe my pom-pom that blocked the toilet. It was the pink knickers that somehow got into the toilet bowl. So, there! Not my fault after all.
Wednesday, June 28, 2006
Feel sick. Burped three times yesterday. Mummy wouldn't let me clean up the mess. No fun. Catherine
Friday, June 23, 2006
Long time no post
Haven't been posting lately 'cause the household was exhausted. I was in bad mood over the potty business. Then Mummy crumbled because of my bad mood. Then Daddy got blah because of Mummy's crumbling. Totall mess. But the potty training business is behind us now. Poo-poos and wee-wees land where they belong. I still wear pull-ups for the night. Not sure why, really, as they always end up dry (apart from this mornign: didn't feel like going to the toilet till after I watched an hour of TV and didn't quite make it in the end). Mummy says that we'll get rid of them after our trip to Hamilton Island. OK. Other news: - don't like Children's Centre any more - we were doing teddy-bear bikkies with icing today. I got chocolate bikkies instead, as teddy-bears have milk. I was pleased. Pity about the choccie buttons I couldn't put on top, though - Gwynnie was supposed to come yesterday and didn't - Mummy's office is a mess - we had Japanese food at home yesterday. Like: seeweed, stewed tofu (but not the wobbly one), and hand-rolls. Helped mummy make gyoza. Catherine
Sunday, June 11, 2006
Score: Friday: no poo accidents, no pee accidents Saturday: no poo accidents, no pee accidents Sunday: collected my prize and went to the local pool as I didn't have to try so hard any more: Sunday: no pee accidents, 2.5 poo accidents (the .5 is poo landing on the floor next to the potty, getting knickers dirty as it went) Also: parents wanted me to get out of the pool too soon. Threw a tantrum to end all tantrums. A BIIIIIG one. I was impressed by myself. And a little scared. But I think there may be trouble coming out of this. While I was having my afternoon nap, parents called Supernanny. Now we've got new rules: 1. Mummy says something once and I'm supposed to do it 2. Mummy says something twice and I have to do it or 3. I go to naughty spot. Hate naughty spot! It's supposed to apply to everygthing, from going to the potty to switching off TV. I'll have to test this tomorrow, too spooked to do it tonight. concerned, Catherine
Thursday, June 08, 2006
From yesterday: - no further accidents. Decided that Mummy has enough to deal with. She left my pooey Nemo knickers at the Children's centre and they had to be picked up after my afternoon sleep. If she thought that she'll get away with just leaving them behind she doesn't know me all that well. They are soaking in Napisan as I write. From today: - pee accidents: 1 (blast it!) - poo accidents: 0 rewards: after a week of waiting and salivating I finally got to eat the pink marcepan piggy that was to be my reward for putting poo in potty. Mmmm! I didn't get to eat the yummy-looking purple marcepan knickers that are to be my reward for keeping my real knickers clean and dry all day. Maybe tomorrow. wish me luck, Catherine
Been with Mummy today to try a new gymnastic activity. Liked it a lot. Ooodles of jumping around on padded floor. And a trapeze one can swing at. There were a lot of organised activities that rather interfered with my fun, but not too much. We even did stuff to learn cartwheels. Mummy was rather impressed, and burbled about it all the way home. I just wanted to go to sleep. yawn, C.
Wednesday, June 07, 2006
My third knickers day, afternoon nap. Score: Yesterday: Pee accidents: 0 (!!!!) Poo accidents: 2 casualties: jammies (in the wash), knickers (I think Mummy threw them away. I don't think Mummies are supposed to do that. Naughty Mummy) Today: Pee accidents: 0 (yeah!) Poo accidents: 1 casualties: this time it was my special Nemo knickers. I wonder what will happen. She looks shell-shocked at the thought of cleaning them. But I will stage a major roof-raising tantrum if she dares to bin them. I have to admit that the poo was both runny and sticky, but she's Mummy for goodness sake. Things like poo shouldn't scare her. Catherine
Monday, June 05, 2006
Wilson's Prom
Wilson's Prom was lovely. Rosellas, magpies, kookaburras and all. Lots of sand to play with on the beaches. We didn't meet a wombat, though. Played nicely with Cousin Hannah, even when it was really, really hard to. Even let her play with my Garfield for a bit (crying softly, but not snatching). Fortunately grown-ups remedied the situation. Only fought with her once. I deserve a medal. And cousin Hannah is wearing knickers already! How dares she! It was great. Two mummies, two daddies, two little girls, two potties, and one baby. yeah, Catherine
My first full knickers day. Score for peeing: Knickers: 3 Bed: 0 Floor: 1 (+ 1 in a chicken shop, and 1 on a patio, but that doesn't count, right?) Potty: 3 Would have done better if I didn't decide to resist Mummy's tiresome reminders to sit on the blasted potty. Decided not to poo, just in case. Catherine
Friday, June 02, 2006
Mummy in a snarky mood this morning. Threatened that if I dont' stop dawdling (that's a useful word) we won't go to the Children's Centre and WON'T go to Wilson's Prom. She was joking, right? Anyway, I finally got my gear together about an hour later and off I went. Planning to drive to Wilson's Prom this afternoon and have a lovely weekend away with Cousin Hannah, Cousin Daniel-John and auntie and uncle. The only problem is that Mummy tells me that I'll have to play nice. Catherine
Thursday, June 01, 2006
Morning routine
6:50 - Wake up, wake up Mummy 6:55 - Set Mummy up as a doctor, get Garfield in for a consultation 7:05 - Get Garfield his medicines 7:15 - Mummy sneaks off for a shower. Take care of Garfield. Feed him, change his nappy, get him to sleep. 7:25 - Eat breakfast: wheetcake, soy milk, Special K and Frootloops for me, catfood for Garfield 7:35 - Garfield very naughty during breakfast - saying NOT. 7: 36 - Put Garfield on naughty spot 7: 39 Garfield off naughty spot, still naughty, sent to another naughty spot (thank you, Supernanny) 7:41 - going to work with Garfield. We're firemen in a fire truck. 7:42 - put out a fire - we're good firemen 7:42 - hurt my toe. Refused inspection by Mummy. Garfield hurt his toe too. 7:47 - Back home from work. Put Garfield to bed, told Mummy to be quiet. I'm staying up, need to work on the 'puter. 7:48 - noticed that Mummy is using my textas to scribble something down every minute or so. Took textas away. 7:49 - drawing 7:54 - lost Garfield. Got Mummy to look for him 7:56 - storytime for Garfield. Got Mummy to read. 8:05 - Mummy claims empty tummy and suggests that I take Garfield to Hamilton island in my plane while she eats breakfast. OK, let her eat and let the day begin! Catherine ps: the photo is of me combing Garfield's hair for our visit to the doctor. I'm all ready and dressed up.
Friday, May 26, 2006
Did poo on potty. Self-satisfied, Catherine
Wednesday, May 17, 2006
One of those GOOD days today. First, I woke up and actually felt like going to the Children's Centre. Hard to believe, but here you go. Second, Daddy stayed home. He woke up, scratched his head and went back to sleep. Weird. Third, Daddy came with Mummy to pick me up and they did some photos for my picture book about children's centre (that's me in our dirtpit - we have one specially for doing mud pies, great stuff). Then Mummy woke me up from my afternoon nap early (after 2 hours instead of 4, did I mention that I decided to hibernate during the winter?). And we went to Altona. Had a great time at the swings, and in the park and on the beach. Had to refuse a visit in a toy shop, because knowing mummy she'd be stuck there forever and I'd miss on significant swinging. That hurt. And then we ate a fish - yummy flake (sharkie for you non-Australians - it is a very popular fish here, but everybody pretends that it is not the one with teeth and a funny fin). And went to the library. And then to bed, after a story and a bottle. Who could think of anything better? Catherine
Tuesday, May 16, 2006
poo wars
Terribly long time with no updates. But I've been very busy. That toilet training business is gaining momentum, and parents need to be managed. In the first two days I discovered that: 1. I can get mummy up as early as I want if I tell her I want to go potty. 2. I can stay up late if I tell her I want to go potty 3. I can get out of doing things if I tell her I want to go potty. all very useful, and drove mummy pleasantly batty, but still no chocolate. Since then I've been getting a bit better at it. But it is still a day or two between snacks. May have cracked the code today: got a choccie first thing in the morning, and later actually managed a poo on a big-people toilet. I was so impressed with self, that I forgot to demand sweets. I'm wondering what to do about the whole thing. It is somewhat gratifying to be praised for something that I've done in a nappy for years without fanfare. But that toileting business may interfere with my playtime. I'll update soon and let you know what I've decided, Catherine
Wednesday, May 03, 2006
Here we are, at the Children's Centre. Mummy just came in and I'm celebrating by running a nice circle (normally forbidden to run inside) and grabbing my dummies (not supposed to have them there). Am fishing dummies out of the bag, checking them and deciding on which of the three to suck, while Mummy is bugging me for a hug. Mummy: 'So do I rate below or above the dummies?' Me (in my crispest tone): 'Below the dummies.' If she didn't want to know, she didn't have to ask. ---- In other news: - learning a new phrase: 'dummy addidict' - found out that toilet training involves choccie treats. Was told that any pee or poo in the potty or toilet scores me one chocolate lolly. Insisted on sitting on the toilet for an hour until I produced some pee and got my lolly. Also got read 6 books and got to play with a recorder. Didn't try for more lollies after that, and did the poo the normal way. - Babcia comes tomorrow. Wonder what kind of lollipop she'll bring. Catherine
Tuesday, May 02, 2006
love lost and found
My blue sparkly dummy is back. I found it on the car seat. The world is a sparklier place. Catherine
Monday, May 01, 2006
of love, loss and hearbreak
Dummies get lost. Or get holes in them. No matter how much I try and check and care. The holes are not so bad. I can put the dummy with the hole in my dummy bowl beside my bed and it rests there. Then, after a while, it dissappears. But I still remember them. Especially the one that I got from the fairies. It was see-through. By the time it retired, its hole was huge. It disappeared about half a year ago, but I still check with Mummy, just in case it is back. I remember my pink dummy too. I lost it in the PlayCentre. When we realised, we went back. We checked the bouncy castle, the slides, the germ pit where the balls are, everywhere. We didn't find it. We asked the lady to look for it. We had to leave. After my sleep I got a pack of dummies that the lady from the PlayCentre sent, but my pink dummy was never found. Today I lost a blue one with sparkles. I am sad. Catherine
Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Babcia sent me a new hat with pom-poms. Could hardly believe it. Pom-poms?? I mean, Mummy has a bottom, and I have a pom-pom. And now a hat has three pom-poms? Rude! Catherine
Sunday, April 23, 2006
The weekend
Been Good this weekend. Let mummy sleep in on Saturday AND Sunday afternoon. Also, baptised Garfield. Poured water on his head, got him to cry, sang a song, and wiped his head with a towel. Parents disappointing at times. Cried for over an hour about switching my TV off after a measly 2 hours on a Saturday morning. No effect. Bum-bum (heh!) Catherine
Monday, April 17, 2006
My tummy HURTS. It hurted all day, but I only told mummy-daddy in the evening, just to make sure that they don't take me to a doctor. They say it'll hurt again tomorrow, because of my second chocolate haul in Dziadzio's garden today. It was possibly even better than the stash in my garden. Aparently too much choccie makes sore tummies. Who'd know. Catherine PS: I hope you had a good Easter too, everybody.
Thursday, April 13, 2006
last laugh
This morning Mummy was nagging me to change my nappy and I successfully evaded her for quite a while. Sometimes keeping out of her way works, if she's not too committed to the change. But I think I got tricked. When she finally put the pressure on and I gave up, I found out that my bedding has been changed. I do so resent people messing around with my stuff! Anyway, the last laugh was mine. I've got a bit of a cold right now, and, well, was coughing during my afternoon sleep. Coughing so much I burped all over the bed. Heh, heh. By the way did you know that frankfurts look exactly the same after 2 hours in the tummy? The smell isn't that much different either. victorious, Catherine
Friday, April 07, 2006
On being picked up from childcare (after screaming and running to bag to get a dummy, then giving Mummy a kiss): C: I love my Mummy. I love my dummies as well. Mummy: Who do you love more? C: ... I love my Mummy AND I love my dummies.
Tuesday, April 04, 2006
Back in childcare again. Cried in the morning. Got no results. Oh, well. Got Mummy to buy me a tigerskin coat yesterday (fake fur, not that I care either way, but they seem to stick to fake for my age group). Been Tiger for the rest of the shopping trip. Growling and scratching - very satisfying. We were meant to buy Mummy some warm jammies, which we finally managed to do in the 4th shop we visited! Got Daddy a brown fur bathrobe that makes him look like Baloo the Bear. Home life is starting to match Jungle Book rather nicely. Catherine
Friday, March 31, 2006
The importance of being little
I don't want to be a Big Girl. I am a Little Girl. I miss my childhood. They took away my cosy toddler room. And Ann. And all the other ladies that I knew. Big room has lots of toys. But it's not cosy. Lots of really big kids. Running around. Nobody to cuddle me or listen to my stories. Hard to find somebody to play with me. Snif! I will not lose any more little things. So: a) I will keep my nappies. Will NOT learn how to use the toilet b) I will NOT give up a bot-bot before sleep c) Dummies are here to STAY All of this is very important. Until the time when my world becomes cosy once more. I've been hearing noises against my dummies and bot-bot and had some pressure to use the toilet. To those I say No. I miss my babyhood. I cried over my baby photos the other day. And baby lullabies. The only precious thing they are not planning to take away is my blankie. I warn you, adults. You take away my dummies and I'll suck my thumb!! Catherine
Thursday, March 30, 2006
Today turned out to be a nice morning, despite Mum's birthday induced hangover (that's what she called it ... what's a hangover?). When faced with the choice of breakfast and TV or neither, I chose neither and spent a nice first part of the day playing with my new toys. Of all of them (and I have to admit, I got quite a lot), I chose the stickers from Dziadzio. I decided that they are kiddies in childcare and spent my morning being the teacher. I read to them and told them things, I stuck them on the shelf of my house-climbing-gymn-thing and covered them up with a blankie and got them to sleep. I wrote their names on my shopping list (see the picture?), one by one, and asked Mummy to read them out. When she couldn't read my writing, I enlightened her. I did a lot of things, the final one being getting them outside. Yes, there is a childcare-worth of stickers on the glass of the outside door. Then we ate a little something, and watched Playschool. Had to tell mummy 'go and get dressed' because she became inappropriately interested in cuddling. TV spoils our mood, so we whinged +++ when mummy requested going outside for a while. Once we got outside (and it wasn't easy, cost Mum a chewing gum), we had a great time cooking, and then bathing all the piggies in mud (to "cool their blood"). Some cats and divers were bathed in mud too, for good measure. Then we were allowed to watch High 5, ate our lunch, drank 2 bottles of milk and went to sleep.
Wednesday, March 29, 2006
Birthday - a quick update
A quick post because I'm feeling veeeery tired. The B-day was successful. Did the candle blowing thing 3 times, had 4 lots of visitors, ate chocolate cake all day (plus a half-egg that Mum forced me to eat), and got a lot of loot (yeee-har). Had to wear a dress, but it was worth it. Thoroughly exhausted, Catherine
Tuesday, March 28, 2006
Turning 3 tomorrow
Getting ready for tomorrow. Cake to bake today. Also, parents threatening bath with full hair-wash - bleh (got them whittled down to every second day, though). Timetable for tomorrow: 6:30am - Wake up, wake up Mummy, get prezzies from Mummy (been getting up progressively earlier and earlier in preparation) 7am - Wake up Daddy, get prezzies from Daddy 7:30 - first cake of the day for breakfast. Blow out candles. 8:15 am - Babcia arrives in a taxi with a lollipop. Prezzies? Cake. 1pm - lunch. Cake. Blow out candles. Sometime during the day: - My nanny from baby days comes to wish me Happy Birthday. Prezzies? Cake. - Charlotte next door comes to wish me Happy Birthday, probably bringing her Mummy and sibs. Prezzies? Cake. - Maybe Gwynnie comes as well. But we do have a party planned on Thursday, so hard to say. 5:30pm - Dziadzio arrives to wish me a Happy Birthday. Promissed a bag of prezzies. Cake. Candles. 6:40pm - Daddy arrives from work. More prezzies? Cake? Also planning: Lots of sugary drinks and food Fairy bread More chocolate cake Running around screaming Baloons? Cake. Mummy also promissed: Pigs will fly in small circles and drop confetti on the crowd. Looking forward to it. Catherine ps: feel free to leave best wishes in the comments section, everybody.
Thursday, March 23, 2006
I hate that childcare. Bottom-poo! What does one do to get out of it? Cried yesterday before going. Today was a lovely non-childcare day. Played hard, accomplished ooodles: - discovered a basket full of balls (where are my fluffy toys?). Got the balls to the loungeroom. Put all the balls to bed with pillows and blankies. Needed mummy to get the blankie over the biggest ball. - Got Garfield to say his prayers, read him a story and got him to sleep. Got him up, exercised together. - made scrambled egg for self, ate it with a bit of bread chippie. - watched Jungle Book - and playschool - made ice-cream out of soy yogurt and cocoa - scraped out all the bowls (too deep for licking) - went outside, built a farm in the sandbox. - got Mummy to make a barn and a farmhouse for the sandbox. Also some trees and fruit bushes. - got a box, made it a boat and loaded supplies for a month on a deserted islant. Mummy took back the huge bag of apples that we picked up on the farm. I gave in: they were rather heavy to drag. - sailed for a long time to an island, being Jeff, while Mummy picked almonds - painted with chalk And then had lunch and went for a nap. All this in a morning. Productive, aren't I? Catherine the farmer
Tuesday, March 21, 2006
The farm report
Yes, the farm. It was lovely. And there is nothing like three girls (Claudia was there too) screaming at the top of their voices to make grown-ups get that weird look on their faces. We've discovered the creek. I fell in twice. Then got cold and had to change my clothes. We also herded a ram with Uncle Doug. And went to church to get Hannah and Daniel baptised. I held on to Mum and made sure nobody made me wet. And then we had McDonalds and went to a park. Oh, and Hannah didn't try to snatch my dummies this time. Catherine PS: I put up a picture of that snake-catching thingy on the post about Mummy's paranoia. Still no snakes. Will keep looking.
Mummy's scary
Did I mention the delightful game I play with Mummy when she picks me up at childcare? It started when I saw a scary mummy on TV with all these bandages on and running after people (I love Basil Brush, why can't I watch it more?). So I pretended Mummy was a mummy and ran away screaming. That got Mummy nicely embarassed in front of the childcare staff (why? who cares?), so I've continued ever since. When I see her, I scream and run away. Yeah! Then get my dummies and ask her to carry me to the car. She said to Daddy that we'll probably hear from Child Protection soon. Who are they? Any of you toddlers have good games to share? Catherine
Monday, March 20, 2006
A quick update
I've had a good day. Been to Gwynnie's this morning. She's got serious TOYS. Forgot to play with Gwynnie, because her toys were so great. Then I had a sleep, and then we went to see Mum's Supervisor. At first I suspected that he may be a kind of doctor, but he isn't. He and Mummy talk about things, and are very boring. Spent one whole hour playing Quietly in the room. Have to admit that Mummy prepared a nice bag of tricks that took a bit of time to explore. And then we went to Lygon Street where I indulged in high dining. For those from far away, Lygon Street is Melbourne's elegant spot for Italian dining. So I had an ice-cream. And some pizza olives from Mummy. Talking about olives, we've brought a bag of them from the farm (more of my exploits there tomorrow, I'm pooped). Green ones. Mummy is supposed to pickle them. From what she's read about it, she has to change water every day for a long time. Sounds a bit too diligent for her. And I like olives. Isn't there an easier way? Gotta go, suck a dummy, Catherine
Friday, March 17, 2006
Child Labour
How did my parents manage before I was born? I have prepared Auntie Jessica's birthday practically by myself. Made a card, painted wrapping paper for her BIG prezzie and even baked a cake. Here is a recipe for all you interested toddlers out there: 1 cup self-raising flour 1 cup sugar 1 cup coconut mix together 1 cup milk (can be soy milk) mix together pour into cake tin or cupcake cases get Mummy to bake in the oven at 180C until golden brown. It'll be crunchy on the inside and moist inside. If you made cupcakes insist on pink icing to spread on top. Eat. Lots. Catherine
Thursday, March 16, 2006
working it out
My life has got so complicated lately that I have to work things out in writing. This, for example, is the childcare schedule. If you can't read my writing, it says: come in, play a little, go outside, play, eat lunch, and MUMMY COMES. On the bottom are my notes about the concept of size. You know, Mummy is Big, Daddy is Big, Kasia (that's me) is Small. Now, isn't it a bit hard on a two-year old, to have to write things down? Take it easy, parents. Catherine
Wednesday, March 15, 2006
Met a cute dog today and we ran together and we kissed a lot. Then he ate some poo and I didn't feel like kissing any more. Catherine
Mummy's paranoia
Mummy is afraid of snakes, and it spoils the farm for her a bit. I think seeing that snake-catching stick when we got out of the car made her a bit funny. Even if Auntie and Uncle claimed not to have seen a snake in the three months that they lived there. Fortunately, she was fine with me running around, even if trying to do circles around me. I even got to frolic in the long grass in the field. Nobody minded, neither Daddy nor Auntie nor Uncle, so I guess she thought it was OK. But since then she asked Auntie Trudy (who lived with little kiddies on a farm). And apparently it was always gumboots in high grass and also a couple of dogs running along with them. I've got a funny feeling that mummy will not let me roll around as much this time. Pity. She also got Daddy to get the door fixed so that there is no gap on the bottom. And she is always worried about the grass in the garden being too tall. Is it too much paranoia, or not? At my Children's Centre they do a snake check of the playground before letting us out. I've seen one of the ladies prodding the bushes with a garden rake. Apparently they had a snake there once a couple of years ago. But I've never even seen one. And neither has mummy. At least not in the last few years. She says if I see one, don't touch and call mummy. I gave her a fright once when I pretended there was a snake. Heh, heh. I think Mummy has gotten much worse since our visit on a farm this spring. It was the first warm days and Uncle Doug was coming home each day with stories of a cat or a dog being bitten by snakes. He said they were hungry and in a bad mood. You should have seen Mummy trying to follow after me and Hannah at the same time when we were running in opposite directions! Catherine
Tuesday, March 14, 2006
Life is better now
I guess my parents listen when I make myself loud and clear. I'm now going to childcare for half-days only and it is bearable. Been Bad the other day: pushed Raina. She did thump me, though. Mummy says that I wasn't Bad, but I was, really. On the minus side, I've been sleeping badly. Monsters. Big, blue ones. Mummy thinks its because my tummy gets empty. So now we're having extra suppers just before I go to bed. Seems to be working. Planning to go to the Farm next weekend. Hannah and Daniel John are getting baptised. Sounds dreadful: water and all. Daddy promisses nobody will wet me. Looking forward to playing with Hannah. Catherine
Thursday, March 02, 2006
Still grumpy
Life in childcare seems to get harder rather than easier. Staged a protest yesterday, but wasn't taken home. Need to have a think about better methods. Been at our new Holiday Home on the weekend. That's where auntie Jessica and uncle Doug and Hannah and Daniel John live. Nice. They have a cat. And sheep. And cows. And apple trees. And hills. And a swing set. And a creek. And a fence that one can paint with water. And a pole for catching snakes. And tall grass. And some nice gumboots on the verandah. And my holiday bed is still there, thank goodness. Played nicely with Cousin Hannah (she is really nice when she listens to me) and had a great icy pole with bug jellies inside. Planning a visit soon. Catherine
Friday, February 24, 2006
Long time, no blogging. Am totally exhausted. Three days of hard playing in the Children's Centre leave me totally gutted. I hardly recover on Monday, and Tuesday rolls around and the hard slog is back on. Have moved to the Big Room. Still rather ambivalent about it. Am Little Girl, don't want to be too big. However, the toddler room is just for the babies, so what is a Little Girl to do? Been saying to Mummy don't want to go today, and I think she finally got the message: I'll be going for shorter days. Thank goodness. The strain of being good is really telling and I'm turning into a little shrew when safely at home. Don't like being grumpy. Catherine
Friday, February 17, 2006
Well done, Mummy
Had a perfect day yesterday. In the morning we went on a bike trip. I packed all my dummies and bread for the duckies, and a shopping list in my front basket. We put our hats on, and sunscreen, and socks and shoes and went out the door. And the bike broke down! Mummy tried to fix it, and we thought it was OK. We went another 2 meters, and it croaked again. Then Mummy insisted we come back home! That wasn't pleasant. But soon we had all the fun screws and nuts and washers to play with, and we fixed the bike. We repacked the front basket and went. No duckies to feed, but we had fun riding the bike all the way to the shop. I pedal and Mummy pushes and uses the handle at the back to move the steering wheel. Great arrangement. We got to the shop and bought a lot of food. Then we put as much as possible in my back basket and tied the bags to the bike wherever possible. The rest of the food went into Mummy's backpack. And then we went on the treck back home. We met Daddy halfway back: he came back from the City and was very hungry. We gave him some bread and the cherry tomatoes I insisted we buy. Was really tired afterwards and had a nice snooze. And after the snooze I made cupcakes. Mummy had it all nicely prepared: a cup of flour, another one of sugar, another of coconut, and a fourth cup of milk (soya in this case). I put the cups of dry stuff into a bowl, stirred, added milk and stirred again. Then spooned the mix into muffin cases. That was a bit boring: we filled 6 of them, and Mummy insisted we fill them up almost half-way. Anyway, Mummy put them into the oven and I watched Playschool. After the Playschool I supervised while Mummy took them out and went to watch Madelaine while they were cooling down. Don't like Madelaine. Thank goodness they cooked quickly. I spread some pink icing on top (been practicing with butter, so it went well), and put sprinkles on top. Yum. And then I had to wait till after dinner to eat one! At least the dinner was my favourites: frankfurts, yum. Ate almost two - more than Mummy! And then the pink iced perfection with sprinkes on top. Mmmm. Mummy even let me eat her icing. Just a perfect day, wasn't it? Mummy says that she couldn't go to sleep afterwards and went into the garden at one in the morning. The night was warm, there was no wind and the moon was shining. She got a few almonds from the tree and lay on the hammock, watching the moon through the kiwi-fruit leaves. Then Kitty came to show off and walked all over the very top of the pergola. Mummy says that the Kittty was black in the moonlight, but that she had a silver line all around her where the moonlight fell on her hair. Sounds very nice. Does it mean that I can also go outside when I can't sleep? Catherine
Thursday, February 16, 2006
Better now
Cried at the Children's Centre on Friday. Not sure why. I even made a mental note to ask Mummy when she comes (came out a bit funny in the car: 'Ask Mummy why I cried', I said). It turned out that I was sick. Got a fever and everything for the whole Friday and Saturday. Felt OK afterwards, until Tuesday, when the secondary infection thingy got me. Don't like being sick, but it's OK this time: no doctors and lots of chocolate. Suits me. Other news: trying to work out the bike. We went to the shop with the bike today, Mummy pushing and steering and me turning those pedal things. Got back with bags hanging from every handle and bottles of stuff in my rear basket. But it was fun. Feel accomplished. Catherine
Thursday, February 09, 2006
Mummy is a toddler
Mummy was a bit of a toddler today. I've been two whole days at the Children's Centre, doing brave things like visiting the Kindie room (something called "transition"). Now that I have a day to rest up and snuggle at home, Mummy makes a fuss when I ask for a bot-bot. OK, so I asked for a fourth bot-bot by mid-afternoon, but who's counting (I guess Mummy clearly is - Herumph!). What's the big deal anyway? Daddy was not an acceptable substitute. If Daddy tried to look after me, that made me realize that Mummy WASN'T. Where's Mummy?! One time, I was leaning on the outside of the toilet door while Mummy went to the toilet without me (how could she? She'd escaped without me noticing!). Daddy was pleading with me to come away. Next thing I knew, I fell onto the floor. Mummy had opened the door on which I was leaning! Towards the end of the day I felt a bit happier. These days, at bedtime, I let Daddy read to me for about 10 seconds before wipping the book away and reading it myself. I occasionally ask Daddy to read a word that I point to just so I can get this reading thing right. But mostly I just ad lib by looking at the pictures. More Children's Centre tomorrow - sigh!
Tuesday, February 07, 2006
A mother's job is never done.
Too busy tonight to have my bottle. First the baby doll needed to be taken for a walk, then a story, a nappy, some rocking, a booby, another drive in the pram. Then it needed some shoes (I put them in the pram, the baby is clearly too little for them), some more cuddling, some reassurance (shh, baby, mummy will be back. Don't cry. All better now.). Finally, mummy suggested that I give it a booby while I have my bot-bot. So we settled on the sofa. Mamy, baby, and me. I pulled up my jammies and the baby started sucking on my tummy. I sucked my bottle. Mmm, nice. Pity the baby finished waaay before I did and I had to cuddle it and didn't have time for any more drinking. Oh, well. But I did draw the line at having it in my bed. It can sleep on my bedside table! Catherine ps: children's centre OK today.
Monday, January 30, 2006
Been so good it hurts
Been good today. Very. First: shared my toys with Gwynnie when she came for a visit. All the toys. All the time. Second: was quiet and didn't wake Gwynnie's baby sister. Had to point this out to Mummy at the end of their visit, because she seemed not to notice. By this stage I was upset, hiding in bed and requesting a bottle. Mummy made appropriate loud restitution and praise, and made me happy for quite some time after that. Later, Mummy and Daddy went to the cinema and I stayed with Kirsty. Was impossibly good: 1. let parents go out without fuss 2. Kirsty couldn't work out how to work the DVD, despite promissing me my own cinema session. Was V. disappointed, but let it be. 3. Went to bed BEFORE parents got back. 4. WITHOUT my dummy, because Kirsty didn't know where it was. Now, that is unnaturally and abnormally good for a toddler. Expect migraine or at least an attack of vapours tomorrow. And lots of loud appreciation from parents. And some appologies for inadequate preparation before leaving, too. Exhausted, Catherine
Wednesday, January 25, 2006
hostile takeover
The house is now run by Mr Timer. In the evening, after a bath, he gives me 5minutes for a bottle and a cuddle with Mummy. Then I wash teeth, and have a story with Daddy (first her reads to me, and then I read to him). Then we say our prayers, me Mummy and Daddy. Then I jump into bed, say 'I love me!' and give Daddy a quick hug. And then Mr Timer gives me another 5-minute cuddle with Mummy. Then he beeps and Mummy says good-night. I say for her 'will be right back', but she only laughs, kisses me and walks out of the room. I'm not sure that I approve of Mr Timer's rule. Am plotting an overthrow. Need to get parents to help me - aren't they supposed to run the show? Catherine
Monday, January 23, 2006
General update
Lots of things happening lately. 1. Childcare OK now, but missing Mummy. 2. Been to Granny and Granddad for Christmas party. Got prezzies. Had great fun running after a ball and screeming with Claudia and Hannah. Got my makeup and nails done by Claudia. So has Hannah. Mummy says that the nailpolish stains on my white dress can be covered by rose-flower applique. 3. Hot yesterday. Played with the hose. Run through the sprinklers, waded in a pool. Jumped in water. Slid on a wet slide. Chased Mummy with hose. Blew bubbles. Want some more 40C+ days, please. 4. Babcia came recently. Brought chocolate lollipop. Yummy. Also a new ABC video. 5. Decided not to grow up and that change table is better than the toilet. That's all, I think. Catherine
Wednesday, January 18, 2006
life still sucking
Children's Centre is no good these days. Not quite sure why: the people are OK, the toys are OK and I seem to be OK while there. But it's just wrong, and that's all there is to it. Yesterday, mummy took me out just after lunch, so that was OK, even though I insisted that I DID NOT have a nice day. So today she promisses to come at afternoon tea-time, after that sleep that I didn't have. No, it's not OK. Childcare sucks, life sucks, mummy sucks. To add insult to injury, we've been to another doctor. This one looked at my belly-button and they talked about me again. Am an unhappy toddler. A lollipop helped a bit tonight, but you can't fix things with one lollipop, people! Snarkily, Catherine
Sunday, January 15, 2006
Children's Centre Sucks!
Don't like Children's Centre! Catherine
Thursday, January 12, 2006
Life's gotten tough
I guess this is the end of the halcyon summer break. The change started last Tuesday: they took me to a paediatrician. I thought at first that he was nice and was making sure that he heard all that Mummy had to say (repeated it just in case) and the only comment I got for it was 'does she ever stop talking?'. Then he poked and prodded me all over and looked into my eyes with a light. I was unnaturally good, and it took its toll. But instead of taking me home, they settled in for a long talk. In the end my nerves let go and I dissolved into tears. I was worried that he'll try to 'fix me', but mummy said that the iron that I'm drinking should be it. Lots of fuss for something I've already been doing anyway! This whole thing was scary and I woke throughout the night with nightmares. About shadows and everything. And yesterday it was back to Children's Centre. Fun, but exhausting. Today I'm completely pooped. Was attempting to go to sleep before lunch. Ugh. Catherine
Monday, January 09, 2006
Culinary adventures
I watched my 'Spot' video today, the one where Spot, Helen, Tom and Steve go on a picnic. They got rained on and their sandwiches got all soggy. Of course, I had to find out what that was like, so I asked Daddy for soggy sandwiches. He made some vegemite sandwhich and sprinkled water over it. Mmm! It was yummy. I normally don't finish my sandwiches but I ate this one all up!
Sunday, January 08, 2006
A rotten day. Not feeling like anything. Parents annoying and don't do anything unless I say 'please'. Am trying to act as if I forgot, but they just sit there and repeat: 'Oh, you need a dummy.' Infuriating. At least they did not plan any entertainment so that I can loll around the house doing nothing. Mummy tries to sneak off to patchwork, but I've told her to sit beside me on a sofa and she complied for a while. Then she had to go to the toilet. I let her know what I think of this. Adults have a toilet fetish. Catherine
Friday, January 06, 2006
Decided today that I prefer a change table. Too much fuss with the toilet. Catherine PS: a lovely morning pottering around at home. Painting a lot. Dancing a little. Getting out into the garden for a bit and coming back in. Giving mummy a foot massage with lots of cream. Eating lots. Moving little. Perfect day.
Thursday, January 05, 2006
Safely covered with a nappy today. Felt a poo coming on. Went to fetch Mummy, got her to sit me on the toilet and caught the thingie into the toilet. Flushed it away. Yeeeaaah! Mummy scratched her head and said I'd probably toilet-train all by myself saving her some gray hair. Don't care about her hair, but doing it all by myself sounds good. Catherine
Tuesday, January 03, 2006
Another pair of knickers, another accident. Going back to nappies. Catherine
Monday, January 02, 2006
Attempted to wear knickers this afternoon. Weed over myself. Not sure I like this. Catherine
One delightful evening
Had the loveliest afternoon yesterday. We were all sowing. Mummy was finishing Daddy's quilt (his Christmas present from last year, soon to be finished). Daddy was embroidering Prickle and Spiky on my duckie blankie. Prickle is the younger cousin of Spiky. I think you remember that Spiky is my pet burr - now I've got two. They still get lost all the time. But I can recognise them by their size. Prickle is smaller. Anyway, Daddy was embroidering them on my duckie blankie for me. And I was using pins and making a blankie for a ghost (lovely, isn't it?). We had a lovely quiet hour, all working busily, interrupted only by an occasional 'ouch' by yours truly when the pin didn't go where it was supposed to. Good start to the year. Catherine
Sunday, January 01, 2006
Hamilton Island was great. Beach to run on, pool to swim in, face-painting, zoo with crocodiles, jumping castle, mimosas that shrunk when you touched them, blocks to play with in restaurants, cockatoos on the balcony, lollies on the quilted Christmas tree and other bits and pieces. And TWO AIRPLANES going there and coming back. Seems that I enjoyed that last treat more than parents: both got a headache while coming back. Weird. Been to the church on Christmas Day. Was nice: the minister read a kiddie story and we sang (and I danced) and lit candles and I got to eat bread at the front of the church. It seems that I could have dipped it in wine, but I ate it before I realised. Shame. Planned to go onto a glass-pompom boat, but it was cancelled twice. Naughty boat. Next time. And there were no crabs to jump on! When do we go again? Catherine
Thursday, December 22, 2005
Merry Christmas
Have a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year. And Baby Jesus' birthday, too. We are off to Hamilton Island. Going on TWO planes! Tomorrow! Catherine
Wednesday, December 21, 2005
Went to the chiropractor with Mummy yesterday. Was looking forward to it, but once she lay down on this funny bed, I got a bit concerned. I patted her and whispered 'are you all right, sweetheart?' and other sweet nothings, and she seems all right. I had to go everywhere on my own feet because apparently carying me was not good on her freshly adjusted back. Sigh. We went to the park, and then had a nice babychino and a scroll in a cafe. A pleasant mornign all in all. Am keeping up with my needlework: here is another one of my sowing photos. Catherine
Monday, December 19, 2005
Party, party, party
Don't you just loooove the Christmas season? We went to Dziadzio's party yesterday. Parents say it is Christmas take 1. What? Never mind. Refused to wear dress and a few other weird things, so with the attendand discussions we were a little bit late. That's how it is when parents behave unreasonably. Once there, I got busy decorating the tree. The only thing hanging when I got there was a pack of dummies. Very nice: a pink one with flowers and a white one with hearts. Took the dummies, put the empty pack back. Took me a while to do the whole tree, and only managed to eat one ravioli. Fortunately, after the tree we started opening presents and I got a nice big lollipop. With that and a nice cocktail later on, I was set (no alcohol in the cocktail, but it was gorgeously sweet anyway). I got: a lollipop, a box of gorgeous candy canes with jelly fishies (opened it against Mummy's protests, but still didn't get to eat it. No fair), a book about christmas, a remote controlled car (Daddy started playing with it straight away, so I didn't really have a chance, oh, well. It still doesn't work anyway), a Dorothy the Dinosaur backpack (just my size), a colouring book, a Wiggles DVD and a set of CDs with stories on them. A very nice haul, all together. Oh, and a caterpilar. I think I'll use it a sleeping companion. Maybe it'll change into a butterfly. Daddy got a router, which turned out to have a lovely box with a hole on top. I got into it and pretended to be a baby router. Then the box became a car. Also played on Dziadzio's horsie, sang in front of his mirror and generally amused the guests. Had a great time. Gave dziadzio a nice, long, sleepy hug and sat snuggled with him in the armchair when the guests left, and then we drove home. Feeling rather crummy today. Could it be something I ate? yawn, Catherine
Saturday, December 17, 2005
This and that
I have a new pet. It is a burr and I call him Spiky. I let him have my food and drink and take care of him. He gets lost all the time and I cry till Daddy finds him again (real tears, too). Oddly, he seems to need to go to the garden to do it, even if I lose Spiky in my bed. Can anyone explain? Mummy was sowing a prezzie for Dziadzio today: a picnic basket, nicely lined and with pockets inside and a napkin holder. I helped her a bit and we had a nice sewing moment at the dining table. I also put some fabrics into the pocket for Dziadzio from me. Been to Play Centre and had a great time. Didn't manage to fit the airplanes in, though. Mummy went to chiropractor, who goes 'click-click'. Party at Dziadzio's tomorrow. Catherine
Friday, December 16, 2005
Wiggly, wiggly Christmas
I went to the Wiggles concert the other day. Jeff was there! Real Jeff! I think Greg was sick, but who cares (well, I think Mummy might, she seems to like him, but I think Jeff is the best). I listened and watched and sang a bit. Mum tried to get me to dance, but I had more important things to do. Oh, it was so great. Gwynnie was there too. It left me with a warm fuzzy feeling for the rest of the day. Even when mummy sent me off to look for my dummy (it IS her job), I didn't find it in myself to get cross. life is good, Catherine
no so bad
You know that little cousin of mine? Well... She's not so bad after all. Now that we can talk and all that. And pour each other's cups of tea in the bath. And take care of my baby (Put baby in pram, cover with one blankie, two blankies, three blankies, untill pram is hidden under pile. Say 'sorry baby' if pram overturns). Also, she's got that cute baby brother of hers. And we can sing 'twinkle twinkle little star' and other songs together (parents impressed, claimed that we sang the same notes at the same time. Isn't that the idea?). And she was impressed with my christmas tree (had to put the ornaments back again and again, though. No, Hannah!). And it was nice to wake up and know there is someone to play with. And she is afraid of my motorcycle, too. And we can do all those falling down together games. And we can have nice, long chats that parents don't understand. and... I'm sure there were other reasons as well. Catherine
Sunday, December 11, 2005
Put up ornaments on the christmas tree. With no help! There is still some left for after my sleep, and about half a tree to go. Exhausting business. Tried on a christmas dress Mum made two years ago. With bells on. Got tangled up and scared and needed a serious hug after I got it on. Don't know about Mum's sowing skills. Catherine
Saturday, December 10, 2005
unplanned but not unloved
Got a baby-dolly and a pram from Santa today. My first instinct was to say I didn't want it. I still remember how much trouble babies are: all that crying, wanting to eat (from a boobie, giggle, giggle!), and taking up mummy's time. But nobody listened. And now I have bonded. Been very busy pushing the pram around, and taking care of the little thing. And lots of other things happened today apart from unplanned motherhood. We went to a fantastic adventure park on the Bellarine Peninsula and I had oodles of fun. Even though I got up at 6am for whatever reason and we stayed till 3pm. Had a lovely sleep on the way back, of course. Went on: - a merry-go-round - a train - a boat - jumping castle (two actually, one for young people and one for adults) - and assorted playground equipment Go-carts turned out to be too loud and scary, sigh. And they didn't let short people get on them. Enjoying the Christmas season, Catherine
Thursday, December 08, 2005
Lots of stuff happening at home lately. First, Mummy had a turn on Monday. Then Babcia came on Tuesday, and on Wednesday I felt like being left alone to watch TV all day, thank you. Fortunately, today is Thursday and I'm back at the Children's Centre with the order of the world restored. More about Mummy's turn. It started over breakfast. I was composing my cereal: a few fruit-loops, a few cherries, a few cornflakes. Took a while, because I had to get parents to provide each item. The cornflakes especially toook a bit of effort - it was hard to make parents understand what I wanted. Once it was all composed to my liking I went off to play. They weren't particularly impressed with this and threatened to throw my cereal down the toilet. Well, fine. But then Mummy Actually Did It! Shocking. I insisted on a replacement, but ended up with only fruit-loops and had to eat them all up in one go, sitting at the table. And Mummy got really strict with me for the rest of the day. I had to say 'please' and 'thank you' with every little thing and be on my best behaviour. Very tiring, but had to do it without complain: goodness knows what else she'd throw down the toilet! I still haven't quite gotten over it and am unnaturally polite at most times. horrible, Catherine
Sunday, December 04, 2005
'm exhausted
This Christmas thing is very tiring. After yesterday's singing and fireworks, we went to Uncle Peter's today for some more singing. And sushi. Which was nice. And so were Stephanie and Melissa and Danielle. I got a nice big dose of admiration. But this was tiring. No afternoon nap. And the adults took their time over food and then started singing when I was about ready to go home. It took a while to finally get them to start back. I was so bushed, I just washed my hands, got into bed and left them to their own devices. Apparently they went to sleep as well. Woke up somewhat refreshed at 6pm, so we went into the garden. Then I found this little metal circle. Just a tiny thing, maybe half a centimetre. I was playing with it when Mummy got me to wash my hands after the garden. So I tried to wash it, and it fell into the drain. And neither Mummy nor Daddy would get it out. I cried and cried and cried and cried. I tried ot suggest that they do it later, if they don't want to do it now, but all I got is that they can't . I suggested in a minute, later, soon and even tomorrow and still nothing. I went to bed very, very upset about the little circle. snif, Catherine
Santa and Fireworks
Well, Saturday wasn't a total loss, after all. Mummy cajoled both me and Daddy into getting dressed for Christmas carols. After an hour I got into the mood for it and allowed myself to be dressed. We took the stroller and walked to the lake where there were lots and lots of people. Santa came in a big fire truck and we all sang songs. Daddy bought some glow sticks that Mummy and I made into necklaces and bangles, but the candles didn't work. It didn't matter though because there were lots of Christmas lights anyway. I really loved the carols and I danced and sang when I heard my favourites like Jingle Bells. Then the fireworks started. I was a little unsure of what these things were, but Mummy and Daddy were so happy about them I thought they must be safe enough. They sure were pretty! Then we went back home, walking in the dark - what fun!
Saturday, December 03, 2005
What is it about mothers? When they are there, they bother you about stuff, but when they are gone, you miss them. I had a mini-crisis this morning. Mummy went off somewhere with dziadzio, and I stayed home with Dad. Right by the door. Crying my eyes out for My Mummy. Once she came I was happy to ignore her and to spend the morning playing with Daddy (she had something to do in the office). Didn't really need her for anything, but it was good to know she was there. In case I got a boo-boo. Or something scary happened on television. Or Daddy didn't feel like carrying me around in my rocket-box. Otherwise: rather exhausted this morning. Two days of childcare take it out of a person. Catherine
Wednesday, November 30, 2005
That little curl in the middle of my forehead again
Horrid, simply horrid day. Mum and Dad mean. TV viewing time inadeate. Didn't get any sleep. Can't win with the big people. Bleh! Catherine
Monday, November 28, 2005
Got Snot
Yeah, once again. This is sooo done. Am sneezing, coughing, spluttering and burping. No major big-pile-of-stuff-on-the-pillow burps yet, though. So, not too bad. Last night I've been burping heavily, almost like Garfield. So every time I did I added a chirpy 'got milk?'. Just as Garfield said on the film. I think it cheered Mummy no end, with all the spluttering and the fever. Other news: been to The Country yesterday and met a lovely dog called Max. We spent a whole lunchtime chasing each other and kissing each other. A bit of tongue is OK, but not in my mouth. Mummy seemed to mind. While I was so cheerfully occupied, parents played nicely with other adults. Then we went home. And today, I've spent the morning in my jammies, in front of the TV. Nursing my cold and recovering after yesterday's excitement. Catherine
Monday, November 21, 2005
It is not how it is done
Things are weird. Today Mummy did Daddy's job and Daddy looked after me. Not that I minded. I loooove grooving along with him. Ooodles of fun. But it is not how it is done, is it? Feeling generally pooped after yesterday's party. Hannah is now two and the same age as me. Can't wait to turn three. She had a teddy bear cake and a candle. Thank goodness parents provided me with my own chocolate cake with chocolate sprinkes on top. I even got them to put a big lit match in it and blew it out myself. Had a great time playing with my favourite red car. And with Claudia. We found a Big Stick and played horsies. It was so big that we could ride it both at the same time. Or row, row, row a boat with it. And nobody got hit, despite Mummy telling us to be careful. Tonight, we took Mummy to a chiropractor. I insisted on supervising and saw the chiropractor do click-click on her back. And then we went to a park and I got to pat a baby dog. Been playing baby dogs till I fell asleep. Catherine
Wednesday, November 16, 2005
Socialising with the greats of the blogosphere
I have met Jasmine Aurora today. You know, the kid that I read. Wow! In the Children's Garden at the Botanical Gardens (great place, lots of water). We went about the introductions in the best toddler fashion. First, we ingored each other for about 45 minutes. Then we copied each other a bit. Then back to ignoring. A bit of looking at each other. Back to ignoring. Playing in the same neighbourhood. Ignoring. Chasing each other up and down hills. Ignoring. And then we got very tired and went home. But it was a truly splendid occasion and I told Mummy that I like Jazzie. Also, she showed me the bamboo forest. And I showed her how to chase birds. And I'm pleased to announce that I was much wetter by the end of it. Catherine PS: Mummies seemed to have a nice time in the background, chattering politely and not bothering us too much
Monday, November 14, 2005
Am not lifestock
Well, now I'm really past the incubation period, and still no hand, foot and mouth disease. Sigh. Childcare it is. Mummy is on this medical kick. After the immunisation last week, we wented to eye doctor today to check for lazy eye (me? never!). Was concerned the doctor will poke my eye, and no amount of reassurance quite convinced me. Well, he didn't poke. Got me to look at a little torch instead. Bad news: no glasses. I was sort-of hoping for a pair like mummy's. Other news: had to jump up and down and carry on to get Dziadzio to come over yesterday. Whole weekend and no visit. What's with that? Also been checking on God. Mummy says he lives in heaven. Above the moon and the stars. That's a new fact for my astronomy knowledge. Catherine
Sunday, November 13, 2005
I was cooking in the sandpit today. Mummy came over and asked what I was doing. "Cooking," I said (wasn't it obvious?). Then I said, "Like Mummy." Mummy seemed really pleased at this until I said, "Oh no! Its burned!"
Friday, November 11, 2005
Am lifestock?
Didn't feel like going to childcare yesterday. Staged a protest, but got bundled into the car and off we went. I refused to eat my for-the-road chocolate cookie till just before we arrived as a sign of protest. In childcare, they looked at my hands and feet, found my mozzie-bites and sent me home with a suspicion of hand, foot and mouth disease. Which made mummy check my hands and feet for the rest of the day (I resisted after the first hundred times). The mozzie bites remained the same. So I went to the childcare today to be again exposed to the raging hand, foot and mouth virus there. Hopefully no kindie next week. Catherine
Tuesday, November 08, 2005
They dragged me to a doctor and put a great big needle in my arm. I staged a big, powerful twisting, but all I got for it is three needle holes. Dreadful. Mummy promisses no more 'munisations till I'm four and about to go to school. She says that it is a looong time. Not sure I trust her. Note to self: beware of the doctor. Been to Altona today, bought dried pear and vegies, and got my nice grilled fish for lunch (no petting zoo today - it rained). As usual on Tuesdays, I had a bit of a runny poo in the evening and a sore bottom. And then, while changing a nappy Mummy suggested putting a fish up my bottom! Aaaaargh! I screamed so hard that it took a while, and a yell from Dad for me to calm down enough to make myself understood. Turns out that she didn't mean that. She says that it is probably the margarine on the fishie that makes my tummy run, and to maybe give it a break. That's all. Can't express how relieved I was. Catherine
Monday, November 07, 2005
Shopping Spree
I went shopping with Mummy-Daddy today. I insisted on carrying the basket, and set about buying the essentials: - one mushroom - one apple - one zucchini (Mummy had already put two of those in but I figured that wasn't enough) I discovered the down-side of carrying the shopping basket though; it gets heavier the more you shop. Soon I was dragging it. Awhile later I was shoving it. And before long I was grunting and groaning loudly as I heaved the thing from one end of the shop to the other, trying to keep up with Mummy-Daddy. Heartless! (Actually, I must confess that Daddy had offered several times to help me. I flatly refused of course.) At last the shopping was over. But I couldn't understand why we had to leave the shopping basket behind. It would have been too small for me to make a pretend bed out of, like I do with the laundry basket, but still .... Anyhow I feel really accomplished. I did the shopping while managing both parents all by myself!
Friday, November 04, 2005
toilet training
I decided to toilet train myself. Mummy not too enthusiastic, so I have to take charge. Requesting to be put on the toilet as often as I remember. Haven't manage to catch any wee-wees or poos yet, but I'm working on it. Today, I got off, refused to wear a nappy and went to kitchen for breakfast. And the wee-wee spilled all over the floor! I insisted on helping mummy clean it up. She only let me do a bit at the very end, though. Hogging all the fun. Catherine
Saturday, October 29, 2005
Home, sweet home; but Mummy less than sweet
Back home. We left the country and didn't lose any of my precious few possessions. I checked with parents and made sure that my jammies, and baby doll and everything is safe in the car. I held the box with the dummies myself on the drive. I almost lost the gumnut that was lying on the seat of the car, but noticed just in time and started crying and yelling and they let me out and I found it on the ground just outside. Uff! Home is great, and so is the garden. And Dziadzio came. And there were my bath toys. And kitchen set. And EVERYTHING. I was very, very happy. Until bedtime. Mummy was reminding me that I'll have to go to sleep 'by myself like a big girl' when we come back. But I didn't quite register that would mean not going to sleep cuddled up on mummy's tummy. Life is not fair. I cried, and complained and carried on, and cried 'Mummy, help!', but in the end had to go to sleep without mummy's tummy. Doesn't she love me any more? Can't a toddler have her way? snif, Catherine
Friday, October 28, 2005
holidays are ending
Daddy is coming tonight and we're going home tomorrow. Missed my daddy: even went to bed without protest this afternoon when Mummy said that he won't come until after my sleep. This is sacrifice, people. Baby is not sleeping and crying quite a bit. It even got my mummy at times to hold him. No fair. Yesterday, she was holding it, so I staged a leg-hug-and-cry until she gave it back to Auntie Jessica. Hannah is learning fast, so she staged a leg-hug-and-cry of her own in response. Am getting on quite well with my cousin now. But she's developed a very annoying habit: she grabs my dummies and runs off with them claiming they are hers! Distressing, but so far manageable. This kid clearly does not know her place though. Well, not worth correcting her now, let's wait till she comes to MY place. Catherine
Tuesday, October 25, 2005
gross motor my shin
Mummy has been on the 'gross motor activities' kick for the last few days. It was mostly nice: we've visited some playgrounds and mummy climbed with me and did all sort of things. Also, we did a lot of running up and down hills. After she's checked the bruises on my shins last night, she gave it a rest. She says that uncle Doug and auntie Jessica are her witness that no child abuse took place. Auntie Jessica says that if I earn some bruises on my back, Mummy will really be in trouble. Why mummy? They are my bruises after all. Catherine
news from the country
Been checking those COOL playgroups here. Been to one yesterday and another one today. What toys! Yesterday's group had all those things you can climb, jump and tumble on, and today's had my favourite red cars. Two of them! When mummy dragged me out against my will, I staged an hour long tantrum because I was so sad to leave them. I told her that I'm running away! Only she held me and didn't let me. Big people shouldn't use their strength as an argument. Haven't been to see the sheep again. But I'm intending to drag mummy over: their poos were truly magnificent and I haven't quite finished investigating them. It's funny how they ooze green when you poke them with a stick. Definitively the most interesting thing to date. Missing Daddy, talking on the phone is not the same snif, Catherine
Monday, October 24, 2005
playgroup, babychino, and assorted thoughs
Been to this great playgroup again today. Did: - play with a steering wheel in a boat - climb ladders - ride a horsey (pretend - just like Spot's) - play with a biiiig ball - climb up ladders - go down the slide (only twice 'cause this one spilled me on the ground last time) - build big towers from huge blocks - ride a bike and push it for another girl - roll on a big roll - try to climb on a hanging ladder (tricky!) - jump, jump, jump and a few other minor things. Altogether, very nice. Also, it turns out that the country is not too bad: we figured out where I can get a decent cup of babychino. Deciding that Hannah makes a reasonable little cousin. Tend to play with her more, now that she figured out who the Big Cousin is. We even share at times, but it is hard work. Now exhausted by the hot, humid weather and cathing 40 winks. Maybe Storm will come. He came visiting once before, and I've been looking for him since, with no luck. He did make a very loud Boom. Catherine
Saturday, October 22, 2005
Country, country
Am slowly getting accustomed to being a coutry girl. Saw all sorts of animals: cows, sheeps, and even horses today (somebody rode on one by the playground, imagine that!). But the one I've got the most to do with is the flies. They insist on buzzing my room when I'm trying to go to sleep. No like. Getting on better with my cousin. Mummy does a lot of praising of good behaviour, so there is some incentive there. When she overdoes it, I point out to her that Hannah cries. Well, yes, I do make her cry from time to time. I'm sure it is good for her. She insists on claiming that some of the toys are hers. Really. Been to Foster yesterday. Played on the playground with Hannah. Then it started raining, so we went and hid in a cubby and had a picnic. Then auntie Jessica and baby came back from a doctor's appointment, so we went to a coffee shop and had a play with their toys. Then we went to visit the nurse withe the baby. She had some good toys too. It turns out that the reason for Daniel John't restlessness was that he was eating too much! He was supposed to gain 150g and gained half a kilo instead. Wow! It probably made his tummy upset. No wonder. It has been raining here a lot lately. And for whatever reason Mummy is not happy for me to play outside in the rain. I staged a phenomenal tantrum, but it didn't help convince her.Need to work on my technique. Missing Daddy. But otherwise it is OK. Even if it is hard to find a decent babychino around here. Catherine
Tuesday, October 18, 2005
Am living now in a Holiday Home. We travelled to Auntie and Uncle's and Hannah's home all day (I watched Garfield on the way - cool), and then we arrived and I played with Claudia and Hannah and had a dinner and stuff, and then wanted to go home. And parents said NO. What the heck? I cried and cried and cried but had to go to bed there. Not only that, the next morning, my toy hairdryer (and all the other toys) was not there! Felt very, very bad. But later on we moved to a small room down the back that is Ours. It is Holiday Home, but I hope to go to the real home soon. In the meantime, it is really pretty here. Or at least that's what mummy says. Over and over. And there are cows and sheeps. And new toys. Only Hannah doesn't quite want to believe that they are all mine. I could get used to this, I guess. Catherine
Friday, October 14, 2005
The country
It looks like we are going to My auntie and My uncle's tomorrow. Cousin Hannah will be here. And a new baby cousin. Need to work on Hannah's understanding who is the big girl here. Am a bit concerned: she is a strong-willed toddler, that one. Been at childcare today and got so tired that had a quick snooze in the afternoon. After 5 days of no naps! Only 45 minutes though. At least that gave me enough wind to stay up till after 9pm. Am a big girl now. Catherine
Dear God, Thank you lovely day. Thank you dziadzio, thank you daddy And daddy and mummy, And sweet potato Aaaa-men
Tuesday, October 11, 2005
nighttime musings
Parents seem exhausted lately. I, on the other hand, got a new lease on energy. Until I ate something at the Children's Centre yesterday and got myself a sore tummy. Parents were telling me to say no to milk and yogurt unless they are soy. I didn't quite get it, but told them 'yes' to cheer them up because they seemed worried. No petting zoo at Altona today, and no ponies. A bit unfair. Got Daddy to push me in the swings, but it was freezing cold. Oh, well. Am considering giving up the afternoon sleep. Didn't really feel like sleeping for the last four days, but had to stay in bed anyway! Today mummy put me to bed at 3pm, so after I got thoroughly bored I snoozed off. At least I was fresh enough to party till 10pm. It didn't seem to make parents any more happy, though. Didn't throw up on anything today (a first in over a week!), but spilled water on the bed and it had to be changed. And then my nappy was a bit too runny and spilled over and it had to be changed again. It's a good thing I've got two Nemo doona covers. Catherine
Friday, October 07, 2005
Oh, heh, heh. Just remembered. Mummy was getting in my face too much today, so I pushed her away a little. Then she started making noises, about it so I said: 'Dish it out!' She was taken aback, so I repeated it for her and added 'Garfield'. I like to provide sources for my quotes. She was so impressed she went to tell Daddy. Need to think about what I can come up with next. Catherine
today puked on: - my clothes - Daddy - pillow - my pajamas - my hair - the bowl - floor otherwise feeling better. Catherine
Big news, somewhat delayed
Since last post puked on: - blanket - my hands - bowl (several times, parents must be getting better at aiming) - my favourite set of pajamas - mummy - floor Among all this activity I forgot to mention that I acquired a completely new Baby Cousin. MY Baby Cousin. He is a boy, over 4 kg and got born on Monday. We are going to see Auntie Jessica, Uncle Doug, Hannah, and him in a week and a bit. In the meantime I'm practicing on my baby doll. I'm putting it to sleep, mostly. Even if it involves getting my changing mat off the change table to use for a bed. The nappy on the change mat makes a nice blankie. By the way, what is wrong with tucking the baby up properly in a blankie? Mummy seems to think that the head should remain uncovered. Weird. Won't it get cold? Catherine
Wednesday, October 05, 2005
since my last post
puked on: - two pillows - three bed sheets - myself - bowl -floor also whinged at parents when they were difficult and told them 'I'm sick!' if they wanted me to do something. Watched TV, had a babychino (Dad makes good ones), puked it up and went for an afternoon snooze. Parents very grumpy and lazy today. Catherine
Monday, October 03, 2005
Sick again
Have been feeling rotten. Puked on: - a pillowcase and a bedsheet - my favourite Nemo doona cover and a bedsheet - myself (several times!) - Mummy (once, but very thoroughly) Not to mention various pukes in that dreadful bowl that they put under my nose the moment I start coughing. Life is messy, Catherine
Thursday, September 29, 2005
Jazzie, thanks for your comment to my last post. You rock. What a wonderful way of reminding Parents to pay attention. I just get hot under the collar when they insist on playing with each other instead of me and yell 'NO TALKING!'. It is moderately successful, but not as sophisticated as your version. In other news: - seem to have lost the dressing up battle. Mummy dresses me up before she delivers breakfast, so I can't really play up too much if I want food. Not very nice, is it? - Been organising my videos and DVDs. I get all my favourites off the shelf and put them in a nice row in front of the fireplace. Then I get Mummy and tell her that they are Favourite. - On the topic of favourites: -favourite colour: purple -favourite Wiggle: Jeff -favourite video: see the long row in front of the fireplace Catherine
Tuesday, September 20, 2005
I rode on a pony today! Two times round a garden bed! Am amazing! Catherine
Monday, September 19, 2005
airplanes and helicopters
Been going to the airplane museum with Daddy every weekend, when Mummy is painting plates (she did make me a nice bowl for my dummies, too). I was really worried once, when I saw a plane being sick: some men were putting big band-aids on it. I was checking with Daddy for weeks, making sure that it's all better. But it was, and now can hear it flying in the sky. We go and see all the planes, and sit in a helicopter. And I get some pictures and a baloon, and Daddy buys me a plane toy. I have a nice collection now. I keep them in the top drawer of my bedside table with lots of tissues so they have a soft place to live. I take good care of them: give them bot-bot, put blankies around them when they need to go to sleep, and change their nappies. Who needs dolls? Catherine
Saturday, September 17, 2005
Decided to give up food. Makes me sick. All over the bed. Catherine
Wednesday, September 14, 2005
Fishy business
Gwynnie came today. And Ceri. Gwynnie had her hair in bunches, and broke the united front against haircare! And she does wee-wee into the toilet! Decided to ignore the fact and the not-so-subtle suggestion from Mother. Played dress-up. Catherine
Dear God, thank you lovely day .. and Nemo and Dory and molusc and sea cucumber Aaaa-men
Asserting personhood
Despite difficulties, I am committed to maintaining several areas of independent thought. I consider it crucial to assert my personhood through maintaining my preferences in the face of parental defiance. The current areas of dispute are: - washing teeth: I don't believe it is a good idea Well, until recently. Now they've bought me an electric toothbrush, just like Hannah's, so it's been fun and I decided to surrender on this. - messing with my hair Nobody touches my hair. No matter what. Or I'll scream, twist, kick and carry on until they stop. I think Mother got the message. The curl in the middle of my forehead dangles over my nose, and THAT'S THE WAY I LIKE IT. - getting dressed Not so successful at this front. In fact, Mother has escalated hostilities recently and I've landed in the Naughty Spot a few times. But the battle rages on. And they did give up dressing me up in 'fluffy stuff' (includes anything warm) and skirts or dresses. I'm working on jackets. - changing nappies Not happy about this one either. Usually quite successful in decreasing the frequency of changes (blasted things are uncomfortable when they get huge, but it's worth it), but haven't succeeded getting rid of the procedure. - Mummy singing. Just no! Bye-bye! Stop, woman! She does what she's told to, but sulks a bit. Serves her right. And that's the lot, I think. just keep the videos coming and chocolate, Catherine
Sunday, September 11, 2005
Evening prayer
Dear God, Thank you lovely day. Thank you Dziadzio. Thank you Daddy, thank you Mummy. Thank you lovely day. Thank you bean soup, pasta, and pate, and .. Thank you playcentre. Train, and car, and babychino. Thank you lovely day. Aaa-men
Friday, September 09, 2005
Mummy's art
Mummy has finished her life drawing classes. She would go off every Wednesday evening, and we would wait for her with Daddy. Daddy said that she went to learn how to draw pictures. So one time I got her to show them to me when she came back. I was really impressed when she did. I said Wow! And my dummy fell out onto the floor, just like that. Mummy puffed all up. And I knew exactly what it was. A kangaroo! I started shouting and jumping around just the way kangaroos do. Mummy, on the other hand, seemed to deflate somehow and started to laugh. Wonder why? Catherine
Tuesday, September 06, 2005
Why won't they let me sleep in the sun?
I got myself comfy in the garden today. Lately, they are talking me into spending time outdoors. It's OK for a short time, but I note that there is no TV there. All other conveniences seem to have been provided, but still. Anyway, I found a perfect spot. In the sun, on the grass, on Daddy's tummy, with his hat over my head. Lovely. Just as I was dozing off after lunch (picnic, in the garden), they decided it was too hot and dragged me inside. I staged big protest, as I was feeling rather hot and bothered, but they didn't open the door again. Had to go for an afternoon sleep in bed. Mind you, made sure that it was still Daddy's tummy I snoozed off on. Catherine
Wednesday, August 31, 2005
When Mother wants me to do something I don't want to do, and the ultimatum time is here, she starts by asking me to look at her. Crouching before me, holding my face, that kind of thing. I still manage to look elsewhere most of the time. And then she tells me what she wants. Usually something pretty awful, like getting dressed and stuff. Well, the other day she did it too, but I couldn't figure out what was the naughty thing I was doing. And then she said that I've been very good and she is impressed. She is changing The Rules on me. This 'look-at-me' stuff is supposed to be for when I've been naughty! But it was sort-of nice. Catherine
Tuesday, August 30, 2005
busy time
Gosh, I'm tired. Daddy had his birthday and I had to entertain guests during TWO parties. Been the soul of the party, if I say so myself, but it took it out of me. The things I did: - wrapped bluetac prezzies for daddy - unwrapped all the prezzies brought by guests (tried to be as efficient as possible, because a lot were coming. I found that unwrapping them before saying hello to the guests was the best) - played with the best aunties and uncles - was admired - played with any kids and toys that were provided. - ate CAKE - sang Happy Birthday 3 days running All in all, well done, parents. Happy Birthday, Daddy
Thursday, August 25, 2005
the daily bother
I tried everything. Running away. Screaming. Wriggling. Bargaining. Nothing works. Today I hid the clothes mummy set out for me to wear in the top drawer of the change table. Not easy to reach. But she still found them. No fair. At least sometimes, when I manage to reaaally make the dressing last long I get a bit of chocolate to get dressed. I think it is supposed to be naughty for mummies to do it, but it is the only thing that sweetens things up. Who thinks these things up? Supernanny sucks, Catherine
Been to the aquarium yesterday. Saw Nemo. And Dory. And cuttlefish. Mummy said that she liked them, so now I like them, too. Not sure why: they just hang there and did nothing. Guess what? I touched a starfish! Squeal! And another! And saw a crab in a shell. I jumped on one of those on Hamilton Island, but this one was waaaay too big. I would have fallen over if I tried. And a something-or-other bug snapped its tail at us and sprayed us with wather. Squeal! Way to go, mummy! Catherine
give and take
Yesterday Mummy figured out a new way to make my hair. She played hairdressers. In front of the mirror and everything. I let her do it this time, but made sure that she made four cups of pretend tea while fixing my ponytail. Properly: boiling the jug, adding milk and honey and bringing it to me on a saucer. It was worth having my hair done to see her scramble.
Friday, August 19, 2005
my social life is exhausting
Babcia was here yesterday. Brought a big lollipop with a rainbow on it. Yellow. And Green. And Red. And White. And Purple. Very satisfying. The day before we had my Cousin Hannah and Jessica (No like saying 'aunt'. Mummy and Daddy say 'Jessica', so why are the rules different for me?). Cousing Hannah plays with my toys! She is littler and I'm supposed to share. No like. Here she is, in the photo, sharing my bath. MY bath. And they stop me from splashing her, too. And before then we had Claudia. And Granny and Granddad, too. Four days of entertaining. I feel so exhausted I mentioned that I may go to sleep early. Need to go, suck a dummy, Catherine
Thursday, August 11, 2005
Yummy, yummy
I must be having a growth spurt. Mummy says. Anyway, I'm hungry. Been having about three breakfasts, a couple of lunches and another lunch in the evening. Have taken to investigating cupboard. Today found nice apple crumble in freezer. And strongarmed Mummy into making me jelly before she had breakfast. Feed the kid! I'm a caterpilar a lot lately. I wrap myself in blankie and pretend to go to sleep. And when I wake up I'm a butterfly. Or Nemo. Or airplane. Catherine
Wednesday, August 10, 2005
Somebody left a comment, somebody left a comment! My first comment from somebody other than Daddy. Here it is:
Reading your blog and I figured you'd be interested in advancing your life a bit, call us at 1-206-339-5106. No tests, books or exams, easiest way to get a Bachelors, Masters, MBA, Doctorate or Ph.D in almost any field. Totally confidential, open 24 hours a day. Hope to hear from you soon!
Mummy said that I can do the PhD if I want. But why no books? I hoped that somebody other than Mummy and Daddy can read me some. So what do I do? Some drawing? Catherine
My mother is slack
You know that everybody has to wash hands after coming home, right? And wash teeth before going to sleep? Supernanny says you must. And you are supposed to go to the naughty spot if you don't. Lately I prefer the naughty spot. Even if I still have to do it anyway. However, my mother has gotten lazy. Yesterday, she tried to wash my teeth. As usual, I refused. She half-heartedly muttered something about the naughty spot and said she didn't really want to send me there. Whaaat? That is not right. I demanded a naughty spot. She said I can go there (I am usually carried there, protesting that I don't like it). Services being not available, I had to put myself in the naughty spot. Slack! Catherine
Monday, August 08, 2005
New, funky things
Parents are teaching me useful phrases at last. Today, I surprised Mummy with 'Hi dude!' when she came in the door. Courtesy of Dadda. Mummy, on the other hand, taught me how to say 'I'm not a morning person.' Mummy has behaved herself lately (well, perhaps with the exception of Sunday, but we seem to have some trouble with Sundays). So today, when we were chatting driving home from childcare about Raina and Gwynnie that are my friends, I thought about it a little and told her that 'Mummy is a friend, too.' She seemed pleased. Not that I got any extra chocolate or a chocolate cookie. Mummy has became really stingy with those. Have to eat normal food for a change. Catherine
Wednesday, August 03, 2005
I was Nemo all day today. I swam through the garden and made Mummy call me by my right name. I only switched later, when Mummy went to art class and I went home with Daddy. I became Mummy! heh, heh. Catherine
Monday, August 01, 2005
Mild improvement on yesterday
A better day today. They still couldn't understand that I didn't feel like going to childcare, but weren't too bad. I'm wondering whether intense whingeing would get me out of that 'go to sleep by myself' thingy. See this space for more. Mummy seemed preoccupied with her computer this afternoon. So I took the chance to investigate the cupboard. The powder for making banana porridge is funny: it spreads very well all over the cupboard and floor but sticks in globs to hands and face. Need to check it a bit more in the coming days. I think there was still something left there. It's yummy. Fibbed Mummy very cleverly today. She was at a computer and I watched The Cat eat. Then I came to her and told her all about how yummy cat food is. She was horrified. Very pleasing. Then she sniffed at me and figured out that I lied. How? Catherine

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